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Meet your Coach

Deepak Goyal

Meet Deepak Goyal, a renowned Data Engineering expert who has transformed the careers of over 10,000 professionals. His 14-year journey in IT, marked by roles as a Microsoft Certified Trainer and Solution Architect, showcases his deep expertise in Azure.

As the founder of, Deepak has demystified Azure for countless learners. His status as a Top Azure Trainer on LinkedIn, with over 125,000 followers, speaks to his skill in making complex concepts accessible and engaging.

Deepak’s real-world experience in helping organizations build data platforms is invaluable. His courses blend theoretical knowledge with practical insights, offering a comprehensive learning experience in data engineering.

Choosing a course with Deepak isn’t just learning; it’s a transformative experience. His mentorship offers a unique opportunity to leap forward in your data engineering career under the guidance of an industry expert.

Deepak’s approach to teaching is rooted in real-world applicability, ensuring that every concept taught is immediately relevant and actionable. His dedication to student success makes his courses a gateway to a thriving career in the dynamic field of data engineering.

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  • Week 1
    Data Architect Introduction
  • Week 2
    Foundational Pillars of Data Architecture
    1. On-prem RDBMS
    2. Data Warehouse
    3. ETL concepts
    4. OLTP vs OLAP
    5. RDBMS Challenges
    6. Mastering In-Memory DB Essentials
    7. Understaing the Criticality
    8. Redis
    9. Elastic Cache
    10. Strategic Applications of In-Memory DB
  • Week 3
    No-SQL database
    1. Mongo DB
    3. Consoms DB
    4. Graph DB
    5. Vector DB
    6. Comparative Analysis
    7. Practical Applications Study
    🛍️MB 1: Case Study on No-SQL DB
  • Week 4
    Mastering Data Modeling Techniques
    1. ER Diagram / Physical /Logical Data Models
    2. Data Modelers toolkit
    3. Dimensional Modelling
    4. Facts
    5. Dimensions
    6. Star Schema
    7. Snowflake schema
    8. Data Mart
    9. ODS
    10. EDW
    11. Slowly Changing Dimensions (SCDs)
    13. Exploring Data Mesh
    14. Critical Comparison
    15. Hands-On-Practicals
    🛍️MB2:Case Study on No-SQL DB
  • Week 5
    Explore Modern Data Warehouse
    1. Data Lake - ADLS/S3
    2. Data Lakehouse
    3. Iceberg
    4. Delta Lake
    5. Apache Hudi
    6. Snowflake cloud DW
    7. Amazon Redshift
    8. Databricks
    9. Google Big query
    10. Comparative Analysis
    11. Assessments
  • Week 6
    Data Analytics & Streaming
    1. Databricks
    2. Spark
    3. synapse
    4. pySpark
    5. Spark Streaming
    6. Kafka
    7. Flink
    9. Event hubs
    10. Visualization
    11. Power Bi
    13. Tableau
    14. Pratical Demos
    15. Assessments
  • Week 7-8
    Special Data Scenarios
    1. Special Data Scenarios
    2. Data Masking
    3. CDC
    4. Schema evolution
    5. Encryption
    6. Pruning
    7. Serilaization & Deserialization
    8. Compression & Decompression
    9. Salting
    10. Tackling Complex Data Challenges
    11. Performance
    12. Consistency
    13. Replication
    14. Transaction
    15. Partitioning
    16. Challenges of Distributed System
    17. Data Acrhitecture Pattern
    18. Kappa
    19. Lambda
    20. Few more / CAP Theorm
    21. Microservices & Service Bus Based Architecture
    🛍️MB3: Mastering Framework to Handle Behavioural Interviews
  • Week 9-10
    Data Governance & Observability
    1. Data Governance & Observability
    2. Data Strewardship
    3. Data policies
    4. Meta data management
    5. DBata cateloging
    6. Data Discovery
    7. Data Observability
    8. Azure Cloud Well-Architected Framework
    10. Security
    11. Cost Optimization
    12. Operational Excellence
    13. Performance Efficiency
  • Week 11
    Code, Devops & DataOps
    1. Code Review & Code Quality
    2. Unit Testing Strategy
    3. TDD approach
    4. BDD approach
    5. Devops & DataOps
  • Week 12
    Data Synchronization & Project Management
    1. Data Refresh / Cubes / Maintenance
    2. Data Sharing
    3. Waterfall
    4. Agile
    5. Kanban
    6. Scrum
    7. Version Control
    🛍️M4: Career Branding using the Linkedin Interviews
    🛍️MB5:Conflict Resolving Techniques Interviews
  • Week 13-14
    Data Architecture with AI/LLM & ChatGPT & Data Migration Strategy
    1. AI/ ML/ LLM
    2. Machine learning
    3. ML Models
    4. How to levarage exisitng data for ML use case
    5. Case Studies
    6. Top AI Tools for Data
    7. Migration Strategy
    8. Challenges in Migration
  • Week 15
    Real World Case Studies
    1. End to End Case Studies
    2. Live End to End Data Architecture Design
    3. Future Trends
  • Week 16
    Miscellenous Open items
    1. LinkedIn Career Branding
    2. Naukri Profile Optimization
    3. ATS Enabled Resume Templates
    4. Package Negotiation Skills
    5. Effective Leadership Skills
    6. Secrets to fetch Freelancing Projects

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Open doors to diverse career paths and opportunities in high-demand data engineering roles.

Experience a significant income surge, unlocking lucrative opportunities in the IT sector.

Navigate to the next level in your career, become an architect.

Step into the workforce with confidence, armed with a cloud-ready profile for high-paying positions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Course duration is 120 Days having Live + Recorded Session with total 200+ hours of learning.

Course contains the Live + Recorded classes taken by Deepak Goyal himself.  Recordings will be provided for each session.


Anyone who looking to learn and make a career as Data Architect.

Basis SQL understanding and computer knowledge. 

Minimum 7 years of experience in IT field.

Every week 2 hour live session and Recorded sessions every week.

Yes, there will be dedicated Q&A sessions after every class, where Deepak himself will answer all your queries live on the spot.

If in any case, you miss a session then you can go through a recorded version of the Live session which will be available on your learning portal.

All you need is a good internet connection with a headphone preferably and leave the rest on Deepak.

Yes 100% possible, you would be able to crack the interview and get a job. Just follow Deepak’s teaching.

We help our students to get connected to prospective employers by using Deepak’s huge network of recruiters. We help them in identifying the right job by sharing sample CVs & help them with modifying & preparing their own CV/Resume according to the Job profile/Description. We prepare them for the Job Interviews by covering a lot of Interview Questions during the course. We also provide 2 real-world project work/labs as a part of training only. Having said that, please understand that we don’t guarantee any placements however if you go through the course diligently and complete the project/labs you will get a very good hands-on experience & conceptual knowledge to work with an organization & project.

Having any other queries not listed? Contact us at & we will get in touch to sort your queries or give us a call at +91 9244107791

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