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Learn & Switch Your Career as DATA ENGINEER

Azure Data Engineering Live Classes (75 hrs+ Live Sessions)

Azure Data Engineer Course has helped 2,674 professionals to switch and get 50% to 300% Salary hikes

** What's Inside?**

Azure Storage Service

• Learn what is Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS)• Lab: Create **Azure storage account, SAS token, access keys **...

Master Azure Data Factory

• Create Azure Data Factory account in step by step manner ...• Create Incremental pipelines...• Integration Runtime, triggers, monitoring...

Azure Databricks, Spark, pySpark

• Understand Hadoop concepts MapReduce...• Azur Databricks Workspace creation, delta tables, spark SQL, cluster management...

Azure Synapse

• Azure Synpase Introduction and account creation...• Create **spark cluster, SQL pool, MPP ** architecture...

Azure Key Vault

• Understand key, secrets, certficatein key vault...• Create and integrate key vault with ADF, Databricks...

Azure Logic App

• Azure logic app Introduction and account creation...• Create workflow integrate with data factory...

Project Implementation

• Practice with end to end project and validate your learning...• Design ** architect, develop and deploy using CI/CD**...

Dedicated Doubt & Query resolution session after every class by Deepak himself on the spot"

** Who is the Instructor of this Course?**

Deepak Goyal

• Trained over 10000+ professionals to Data Engineer
• 14+ Years Experienced IT professional
• Microsoft Certified Trainer
• Microsoft Certified Solution Architect
• Founder of Azurelib.com
• Linkedin's Top Azure Trainer having 125K+ Followers
• Helped many organizations to build Data data platforms

The Full Curriculum

Azure Storage•Understand Azure Storage & Create Azure Storage Account
•Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS)
•Understand Azure File Share
•Lab: Azure File Share
•Understand Azure Queue Services
•Lab: Azure Queue Services
•Understand Azure Table Service
•Lab: Azure Table Service
•Lab: Azure Storage Explorer
•Azure Storage Access Keys and SAS token
•Quiz 1: Azure Storage account
•Assignment 1: Azure Storage Account
Azure Data Factory•Introduction: Azure Data Factory
•Lab: Create Azure Data Factory Account
•Lab: Azure Data Factory Studio Overview
•Understand ADF Components
•Lab: Create Azure SQL Database
•Lab: Create First ADF Pipeline
•Understand: Dynamic Linked Service and Dataset using Parameters
•Lab: Create Dynamic Linked Service and Dataset
•Lab: LinkedService Parameterization in Data factory
•Lab: Lookup Activity in Azure Data Factory
•Lab: If Activity in Azure Data Factory
•Lab: Foreach Activity in Azure Data Factory
•Lab: GetMetaData Activity in Azure Data Factory
•Lab: Execute Pipeline Activity in Azure Data Factory
•Set Variable in Azure Data Factory
•Lab: Pipeline Parameter In Azure Data Factory
•Lab: Data Flow in ADF
•Integration Runtime in Detailed
•Lab: Debug Pipeline in ADF
•Lab: Schedule Trigger in ADF
•Lab: Tumbling Window Trigger in ADF
•Lab: Storage Event type Trigger in ADF
•Lab: GLobal Parameter
•Lab: Git Hub Integration with ADF
•Lab: Monitoring ADF
•Lab: Alert Rule in ADF
•Quiz 2: ADF Quiz Part-1
•ADF Assignment -1
•Quiz 3: ADF Quiz Part-2
•ADF Assignment -2
•SCD Type -1
•SCD Type -2
Azure Databricks•Hadoop Introduction
•Spark Overview
•Lab: Azur Databricks Workspace creation
•Lab: Reading File and transformations
•Lab: Aggregation, Joins, Sorting
•Lab: Spark SQL
•Lab: Action vs Transformation, Shuffling, Partitioning
•Lab: Azure Databricks Mount ADLS
•Lab: ADF and Azure databricks integration
•Lab: Spark Delta tables
•Lab: Azure Databricks CLuster management
•Lab: Azure Databricks Job Scheduling
•Lab: Azure Databricks Streaming
•Quiz 4: Databricks Quiz
•Databricks Assignment
•Spark Architecture in Detailed
•Spark Optimizations Techniques
•Spark Adaptive Query Execution (AQE)
•Spark Memory management
•Spark Join Optimization
•Unity Catalog
•Auto Loader
•Spark Internals & tough interview questions
•Data Lake warehouse
Azure Synapse•Azure Synpase Introduction and account creation
•MPP architecture
•SQL pools
•Spark Cluster
•Quiz 5: Azure Synapse Quiz
•Azure Synapse Assignment
Azure Key Vault•Introduction
•Lab: Practical
Azure Logic App•Introduction
•Lab: Practical
Azure Functions•Introduction
•Lab: Practical
ChatGPT with Data Enginnering
•Lab: Practical
Project Work

Course Highlights

  • Instructor-led live classes.

  • Quizzes & Assignment for every topic

  • Step by step crystal clear explanation.

  • Interview tips are added to each topic.

  • Every concept is explained with the practical demo.

  • Certificate on course completion

  • Placement Assistance*

  • Lifetime Access

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duration of the course?
Course duration is 90 Days having all Live sessions. Every week 2 sessions.
Is it a Recorded tutorial course or Live classes?
Course contains the live classes taken by Deepak Goyal himself. In case you miss the live classes, you will also get live class recordings.
Who can join this course?
Anyone who looking to learn and make a career as an Azure Data Engineer.
What would be the mode of live classes?
Live classes will be taken place in an interactive mode using google meet.
What is the prerequisite for this course?
Basis SQL understanding and computer knowledge. Basic programming knowledge is preferred but not mandatory.
What is the course starting date?
New Batch is Starting from October 7
What would be session timing?
There will be 2 sessions every week on Saturday and Sunday.
Timing would be 8:15 AM IST to 9:45 AM IST
Can I ask queries during the live sessions?
Yes, there will be dedicated Q&A sessions after every class, where Deepak himself will answer all your queries live on the spot.
What If I miss the live session?
If in any case, you miss a session then you can go through a recorded version of the Live session which will be available on your learning portal.
What are the system requirements to attend this training?
All you need is a good internet connection with a headphone preferably and leave the rest on Deepak.
Do I have to use my own Azure account?
Yes, you can create an Azure Free trial account and do practice with it. Training covers how you can create free account.
Will I be able to get a job after this course?
Yes 100% possible, you would be able to crack the interview and get a job. Just follow Deepak's teaching.
Do you provide placement assistance?
We help our students to get connected to prospective employers by using Deepak's huge network of recruiters. We help them in identifying the right job by sharing sample CVs & help them with modifying & preparing their own CV/Resume according to the Job profile/Description. We prepare them for the Job Interviews by covering a lot of Interview Questions during the course. We also provide 2 real-world project work/labs as a part of training only. Having said that, please understand that we don’t guarantee any placements however if you go through the course diligently and complete the project/labs you will get a very good hands-on experience & conceptual knowledge to work with an organization & project.
How Will I Practice?
Yes, We provide step b by step guide to creating a FREE Trial Microsoft AZURE Cloud account using your own login id and password.
Still have More queries? Contact Us
Having any other queries not listed? Contact us at admin@azurelib.com & we will get in touch to sort your queries or give us a call on +91 9244107791

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